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Mussa Rajabu’s journey to founding Roam Serengeti Safaris is a testament to the power of passion and the draw of the natural world. Born and raised in the shadows of the vast and vibrant ecosystems of Lake Victoria and the Serengeti, Mussa’s life has been intertwined with the rhythms of the African wilderness. His childhood, spent in the embrace of one of the planet’s most biodiverse regions, was a daily adventure that fueled his dreams and ambitions. It was this profound connection with nature that propelled him to pursue a career as a safari guide, dedicating himself to the study of wildlife and the intricate workings of the Serengeti’s ecosystems.

For nearly a decade, Mussa honed his expertise under the mentorship of seasoned wildlife experts, absorbing their knowledge and complementing it with his own observations. His tenure with various safari companies was marked by a growing desire to share his unique perspective on the land he calls home. In 2014, this desire culminated in the establishment of Roam Serengeti Safaris, a venture that embodies Mussa’s deep respect for the environment and his commitment to conservation.

Through Roam Serengeti Safaris, Mussa invites the world to witness the majesty of Tanzania’s landscapes and the daily drama of its wildlife. His safaris are not just tours; they are immersive experiences that offer a glimpse into the heart of Africa. Each journey is crafted with the intent to educate and inspire, allowing visitors to develop their own connection with the wilderness. Mussa’s personal touch and extensive knowledge transform each safari into a narrative of discovery, where the savannah’s stories unfold before the eyes of his guests.

Mussa’s leadership and vision have steered Roam Serengeti Safaris towards excellence, earning recognition for its responsible tourism practices and its role in promoting sustainable travel. The company’s success is a reflection of Mussa’s belief in the transformative power of nature and his dedication to sharing it responsibly. As Roam Serengeti Safaris continues to grow, it remains anchored in the principles that Mussa holds dear: respect for wildlife, passion for education, and the desire to provide a window into the soul of Africa. For Mussa and the team at Roam Serengeti Safaris, every expedition is an opportunity to kindle a sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation for the natural world in the hearts of those who venture into the Serengeti with them.

Tailored Itinerary

Share with us your travel preferences, aspirations, and hobbies, and our trip specialists will create the ideal Tanzania Tour just for you!

Responsible Travel

We are entirely committed to impact Tanzania tourism that not only preserves but also contributes to the community.

Why travel with Roam Serengeti?

Roam Serengeti Safaris offers unique Tanzania experiences. So you can take a break from the world you know and explore a world you haven’t yet discovered.

Honesty, integrity, and trust.

We uphold the highest levels of corporate ethics, which include providing a Safari & Climbing experience that exceeds your expectations and engaging in ethical tourism in Tanzania.

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Regardless of whatever Tanzania vacation you choose or your budget, whether you are traveling alone or with a group, everyone will receive our undivided attention – find a trip of a lifetime!

prioritizing safety

We are entirely committed to impact Tanzania tourism that not only preserves but also contributes to the community.

What we have

We craft experiences that change people’s lives by introducing them to Kilimanjaro and Safari in their immediate surroundings. We take care of every little thing we have, including group tours, equipment rentals, professional guides, and equipment, so you can enjoy the greatest safari and climbing experience possible, worry-free and in the moment.

Modern Safari Vehicles

Our fantastic safari cars receive regular repair following each journey. This strategy ensures that our comfort and safety standards are satisfied at all times with refreshment drinks, Wi-Fi router, plush seats, and a convertible pop-up roof. It also helps our staff obtain complete control over our tour.

group of knowledgeable guides

Every one of our guides for Safari and Kilimanjaro is certified as a Wilderness First Responder, and they work for Unimaa Travel. We hold expert workshops on a regular basis to help them advance their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest developments.

Hiring Branded Equipment

Climbers often do not have a complete mountain equipment kit when they arrive at Kilimanjaro. Some people simply want their luggage to weigh as little as possible, while others simply don’t want to spend a single dollar on everything. For Kilimanjaro Gears, we have a rental option that includes the first service until the date.